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Aviv Revolving Loan Fund

The Aviv Revolving Loan Fund supports growth and vitality in the Reconstructionist movement. Aviv means “spring” in Hebrew, and this fund was established through the generosity of anonymous donors to promote fresh, energizing initiatives.

Congregations and havurot that have affiliated with the Jewish Reconstructionist Communities at any level—Enter, Engage or Invest—can apply for these no-interest loans of up to $20,000

Aviv Loans are no-interest with a three-year term; up to two loans will be disbursed each year. Stage One application deadline for 2015 is January 15, 2015. We have extended the application deadline for this year to April 15th!  To begin the process, your community need only complete the Stage One application and return it by April 15th, 2015. We can't wait to hear your interesting ideas!

These PDF documents provide valuable background:

Here’s a statement from the leaders of Or Haneshamah in Ontario, the first community to receive a loan:
“After 25 years as a member-led Reconstructionist community, we decided to take the monumental step of hiring our first permanent rabbi.  Fortuitously, at the same time we learned about the Aviv Loan Program. Our membership enthusiastically endorsed our application.  

“For us, the loan has had two important impacts. First, it eases the financial burden for our members. It means that we have time to grow membership to support this new cost, as opposed to having to increase our membership fees dramatically.  Second, it helps us manage our cash flow. Having the cushion of the Aviv loan allows us to plan for our future, instead of always having to worry about how we can afford it."

Questions? Please contact Michael Kolodner, loan fund manager, at