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Cutting Edge Judaism

Cutting Edge Judaism

Reconstructionist Judaism originated as a cutting edge call to change and innovation in the Jewish community. Our fundamental commitment to adaptation remains central to our mission. In August 2015, we opened a dialogue on that legacy of engaging with, and sometimes pushing, established boundaries. What opportunities and challenges arise from being on the cutting edge? How has that approach shaped the Reconstructionist and broader Jewish communities, as the 21st century unfolds before us?

Our conversation began with three articles from esteemed Reconstructionist rabbis with diverse experiences in the Jewish community…

  • Rabbi Deborah Waxman reviews the movement's tradition of challenge to the Jewish status quo and weighs how best to carry this tradition forward.
  • Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben describes the vital role of the Reconstructionist spirit of innovation in the growth and vitality of his thousand-household congregational community.
  • Rabbi Josh Bolton reflects on the gifts Reconstructionism offers the Jewish world while asking challenging questions about the future of denominationalism.

Following weeks explore innovation's connection to:

 Inclusion and Welcoming

  • Jodi Bromberg, CEO of InterfaithFamily, shares her thoughts on the complexity of contemporary identity.
  • Rabbi Shira Stutman, describes her innovative approach to welcoming at Sixth & I, in Episode One of our Dialogue podcast. 

Pursuing Justice

  • Rabbi Jill Jacobs, director of T'ruah, describes the intersection between prayer and protest in her social justice work. 
  • Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb, chair of COEJL and rabbi of Adat Shalom, reflectson the Jewish roots of his climate change activism, and his appreciation for the emotional resistance that often accompanies confronting change, in Episode Two of our Dialogue podcast. 

Building the Jewish future

  • Rabbi Sid Schwarz recounts his career’s work: creating new Jewish institutions that look to the future.
  • Aurora Mendelsohn, who grew up in a Reconstructionist community, shares how that background has shaped her own Jewish life, and reflects on the challenges and opportunities facing new generations of committed progressive Jews, in Episode Three of our Dialogue podcast. 

We welcome your continuing participation in this dialogue. Each page of collection has its own comment stream. We look forward to a constructive conversation in line with our Community Guidelines. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and  via the hashtag #JewishDialogue. And our Dialogue podcast is now live on iTunes and other podcast apps - find out how to listen and subscribe!


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