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Forming a Community of Communities

You’re Helping to Shape the Future of the Reconstructionist Movement

Thanks to the rabbis and community leaders who responded to our recent survey about the movement plenum, we have a clearer picture of what affiliated communities want.

Here are some highlights of what you told us. You want…

  • To be thinkers, actively engaged with the evolution of Reconstructionist Judaism
  • To build a movement that is more than a set of congregations that share a similar philosophy
  • To have a meaningful voice in the movement through the deliberations and actions of the plenum—and to grapple with the relevant issues of our time
  • To have representation in plenum activities that will energize—rather than burden—volunteers and staff
  • To participate in a plenum that offers opportunities for connections and meaningful interpersonal interactions
  • To enact the movement’s commitment to transparency and democracy
  • To strengthen alliances with external organizations that share our values and to strengthen our public positions through these partnerships

Read a report of our first business meeting here.

Inspiration, Aspiration, Perspiration

The Congregational Services Committee, chaired by Chayim Herzig-Marx, along with affiliate services staff for the movement, are taking this input to heart. At the same time, to borrow a phrase from Buddhist teacher and author Jack Kornfield, “after the ecstasy, the laundry.” We have both a legal and an organizational responsibility to deal with the more mundane issues of the plenum that helps govern our movement.

This section of the website details the basic things it’s important to understand about the plenum: who it is, how it will work, and how it relates to other structures now in place.

As always, if you have questions or comments, we invite you to email Michael Kolodner, assistant director of governance and affiliate support, at