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Reconstructionist Judaism

Learn about belonging, behaving and believing as fundamental concepts in Reconstructionist Judaism in this short video lecture by Rabbi Richard Hirsh, RRC '81. Hirsh then offers a deeper explanation of Reconstructionist approaches to faith and God.

Learn about the founder of Reconstructionist Judaism on RRC's website.

View a searchable archive of Kaplan’s diaries from 1913–1972, collected by the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary. (On the left side of the page, type in “Kaplan Diaries” in the search box.)  These offer a window into his thoughts on 20th century Judaism and the development of the Reconstructionist movement.

In this speech Strassfeld addresses many issues relating to a Reconstructionist approach to spirituality. He tells his own journey which goes from rejecting Hasidic texts to embracing them. He lauds a Reconstructionist "anti-fundamentalist" approach which asks its adherents to embrace life's unknown and not need or desire singular answers. The text and audio of this speech are both available.
Type: Speech

The Role of Non-Jews in Reconstructionist Congregations

In February, 2008, the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation released a summary of their report on the "Boundaries and Opportunities" report on the role of non-Jews in affiliated Reconstructionist congregations
Type: Policy